About Jeffrey Blaseg

A small film camera found at a garage sale was my first encounter with the photography world in 2005, and ever since I have tried to absorb as much of the industry as I can - not a day goes by I don’t think about it and how to better myself and my craft, as well as how to better serve you, my clients! When we meet, your needs are what I care about most to make our time together the best it can possibly be and for you to go home with photographs and products that you will love and cherish for a lifetime.

You see that is my first priority in our time together, you.

That is why each session comes with a complimentary in person consultation to discuss each detail that will go into our time together - every last detail will be discussed. I have many years experience working with all sorts of clients over the years, so if you’re an experienced person in front of a camera -- GREAT! If you’re a bit camera shy and may need a bit of direction? Don’t be shy and ask!

I never enforce time constraints on my sessions because I believe I work better without them and will work with each and every one of you until I feel I have enough to satisfy you with enough portraits but will never make you work for more than a few hours because who wants to smile for that long!? I sure don’t!


2016 - Meander: Upper Minnesota River Art Crawl


March, 2017 - Fargo Monthly